Monday, July 23, 2007

Getting 'em done under the wire!

I literally posted our second challenge just before midnight, but here it is along with my first layout:

Based on a sketch by Amy Eileen at DSAG
Striped, star patterned and red solid papers from Firecracker by Bren Taylor Boone
Torn cardboard and flower from French Countryside by Christina Renee and Shabby Princess
Fiber w/ribbon from Arsenal of Elements by Corina Nielsen
Treasure definition strip from Strips-tionary by MandaBean
Green Ribbon: Heather Milano - In a Knot
Red Flower: Cori Gammon - Funkalicious Blooms
Tag: Jennifer Pebbles - Swank Labels

Background Paper: Kimberly Giarusso - Freestyle Paper
Scalloped Paper: Holly McCaig - Scalloped Graph Paper
Mat: Princess LaLa 4TheDogz2
Border: Holly McCaig - Paper Borders
History Alpha: Kimberly Giarusson - Stamped Notebook Alpha
T Pins (altered): Holly McCaig Fastenation
Amazing Alpha: Holly McCaig Curled Alpha
Flowers: Holly McCaig - Fabric Blooms
Tag: Holly McCaig Old Date Stamps
Fonts: Tiranti Solid LET and Arial

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Vicky S. said...

OOOO! I didn't even think of this. We went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls this summer too. Duh!